Lesson Plan: Why did the Gaels Leave Scotland?


Social Studies 3, Outcome 2:

Students will examine the origins of diverse peoples in their province and their expression of culture, including Acadians, African Nova Scotians, Gaels, Mi’Kmaq including Treaty Education and additional cultural groups.



Students will be able to demonstrate some understanding of the reasons why Gaels came to Nova Scotia.


Suggested time

1 hour


Anticipated Outcomes

Students will

  • Be familiarized with the some of the social pressures causing Gaels to leave Scotland.
  • Be able to speak about what life was like for Gaels in Scotland.
  • Note differences in the landscape of the Scottish Highlands and Islands versus that of Nova Scotia.
  • Recognize a pattern in the settlement of Gaels in Nova Scotia.                                                           




Review and Reflection

  • What do we notice about the pattern of settlement?
  • What would be some good reasons to emigrate?  What are some reasons against it?
  • How are the places the Gaels came from different from Nova Scotia?