Lesson Plan: The Fairies | Na Sìthichean


Social Studies 1, Outcome 1:

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of cultural groups, including Acadians, African Nova Scotians, Gaels, Mi’Kmaq including Treaty Education and additional cultural groups.

Music Primary-3, Outcome 6:

Students will explore and reflect on a range of music from diverse cultures and communities including Acadians, African Nova Scotians, Gaels, and Mi’Kmaq with respect and sensitivity.



To learn about some beliefs of the Gaels (i.e fairies) and how they differ from our own beliefs and concepts.


Suggested time

1 hour


Anticipated Outcomes

Students will

  • Learn a Gaelic song
  • Learn some beliefs of the Gaels and compare these beliefs and concepts with their own.



  • Find out what the students think fairies look like.  Do they believe in fairies?
  • Read the section of the website titled "The Fairies".  Read the story "How Donald Campbell Got the Gift of Fiddling", followed by the next story about cutting ferns.
  • Watch the video of the song "Buain na Rainich".
  • Teach the students the song and the actions.


Review and Reflection

  • What do we know about the Gaels' fairies and where they live?  How are they different from fairies we see in movies?
  • Draw a Gaelic fairy or fairy hill.