Showcase of Nova Scotia Fossils and Geology 

The Showcase of Nova Scotia Fossils and Geology video series has been developed for grade twelve students, featuring interviews and presentations from international palaeontologists who have studied the fossils and geology of the province.  

These resources can assist students and teachers interested in learning about the geology, fossils and minerals of Nova Scotia.

​Education Questions and Support

Joggins Fossil Cliffs

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Dr. Jade Atkins, Palaeontology Curator

Carlos Serratos, Educ. Programs


Fundy Geological Museum                   

Jurassic Dinosaurs and Gems

Danielle Serratos, Director/Curator

Regan Maloney, Educ. Programs


Museum of Natural History

Dr. Tim Fedak, Curator of Geology (NSM) 

Elizabeth Spence, Educ. Programs


Local Learning Resources

The Last Billion Years - Book

Pebble Guide – Atlantic Geoscience Society (free)

Mi’kmawey Debert Cultural Centre – Video series

Nova Scotia Geoheritage Virtual Tour


National Learning Resources

Four Billion Years and Counting – CFES book.

Mining Matters – Education Resources

Canadian Geographic Education – Learning Plans

Climate Exploration – Lessons


Download the PDF of links

2020 Geology Resources for Learners and Teachers (PDF)