Further reading and teacher resources

Online Resources

CBC Digital Archives, “Influenza: Battling The Last Great Virus”

Capital Health, “Pandemic Influenza”

Cambridge Infectious Diseases – a web portal to fun games about diseases and pandemics from Cambridge University.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “1918 Pandemic (H1N1 Virus)”

Defining Moments Canada, “Spanish Flu 101”.

Going Viral: The Mother of all Pandemics. A series of podcasts on the history and science of the 1918 pandemic and pandemics generally, and the former’s importance to prevention today. 

Public Health Agency of Canada, “Flu (influenza): Pandemic flu

The College of New Jersey, “Plague, Progress and Prevention: 100 Years after the ‘Spanish’ Flu Changed the World” Video gallery of oral histories related to the pandemic.

The Economist, “The Centenary of the 20th Century’s worst catastrophe”, September 29, 2018.

UK Department of Health, “The Flu Pandemic Game: A business continuity training resource for healthcare and related organizations”, June 2009.

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2018 National Immunization Poster Contest, National Runner-up (Bilingual)

2018 National Immunization Poster Contest, National Runner-up (Bilingual)

Designed by Frédérique Boeck, La Prélude, Ottawa, for Immunize Canada.

Other Resources

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