Image Request Form

*Your inquiry will be replied to in priority order by date of receipt. It may take up to ten (10) business days for us to respond – please be patient!

Please Note

  • Publication/Use Fees for print/electronic publication, advertising and display purposes are for one-time only, non-exclusive use, over a 5-year period.
  • Publication/Use Fees for public/commercial broadcasting purposes are for one-time only, non-exclusive use, with unlimited plays over a 5-year period.
  • Subsequent use of material (i.e., other than for the purpose first negotiated or the 5-year limit), i.e. resales or in spin-off or related products (e.g. home videos, CD-ROMs, DVDs, other new media uses, companion books, etc.) must be negotiated separately with the Nova Scotia Museum; additional fees will be levied accordingly.
  • Formal credit ('Image courtesy of Nova Scotia Museum') is required for all uses of material; and formal citation of material ('Nova Scotia Museum, [collection title, name of photographer or negative number, as provided on supplied material]') where appropriate.
  • Copyright and other rights requirements are the responsibility of the user; the Nova Scotia Museum will not provide indemnity against losses or costs incurred by third-party claims of ownership or copyright.
  • Images used for website publication must be displayed at a resolution not higher than 72 dpi.
  • Items provided for publication and use may not be altered in any way without written permission from the Nova Scotia Museum.


Payments must be made by cheque (payable to Minister of Finance), credit card, (MC & Visa) cash.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS I understand that: (a) this is an application for permission to reproduce an image from the NSM collection. (b) a use fee maybe charged in addition to the fee I have paid when I order the image(s) and that permission for use will not be granted until this invoice is paid. (c) I must enter into an Agreement with the NSM which includes the Terms and Conditions on this application, or any changes or additions. (d) Use of the image(s), once approved, is for one-time use only. Permission for the reproduction is limited to the applicant and is not transferable. Any subsequent use, including a reprint, new edition, more than one language, or new format constitutes re-use which requires a second application and permission. (e) Images received from the Nova Scotia Museum may not be copied, scanned, exhibited, resold or used for any other purpose than that specified by this form. Images must not be cropped, re-touched or altered in any way which could affect their historical or artistic integrity. (f) All images must be credited to the Nova Scotia Museum as follows: NSM section, location, NSM institutional identity, accession/catalogue or negative number. When specified by the Nova Scotia Museum, the collection or photographer must also be credited. (g) Images used on websites must be 72 dpi. or less. (h) The Nova Scotia Museum has endeavored to provide you with images which are free of copyright restrictions or for which copyright is held by the Nova Scotia Museum. However, you are advised that you assume all responsibility for use of the images under the terms of the Copyright Act.