Project Submission Format

Please read the Project Application Format carefully and include all requested components in the application. Project proposals should be submitted electronically to .

Incomplete or late submissions will not be processed or returned.

Include all the following information in your proposal:

A. Project Abstract (one page maximum):

1. Project name

2. Proposed start and end dates

3. Research grant category to which you are applying: Natural History; Cultural History; or both (if applicable)

4. Amount of funding requested (CAD)

5. Name of the applicant. (The grant for each project will be awarded to only one individual.)

6. Contact details: Home address (in order to process cheques for the successful applicant); telephone number; email address

7. Name of contact person for associated institution (if grant is to be paid to and administered by the institution)

8. Contact details of associated institution: address; telephone number; email address

9. Synopsis of research project: (3 to 4 sentences)


B. Project Details:

1. Description (500 words max) – Describe your proposed research project and related activities. Provide details on who will be involved in the research, including any partners or collaborators.

2. Objectives and Anticipated Outcomes (500 words max) – Describe how your research objectives link to the Nova Scotia Museum and the provincial collection. Include an overview of the existing state of knowledge and references to existing literature if appropriate, as well as relevant sections regarding interpretive theme priorities from the Nova Scotia Museum’s Interpretive Master Plan, including specific sections which identify areas of improvement for museum interpretation by site. Priority will be given to research projects with community engagement components and elements of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

3. Methodology (500 words max) – Describe the methodology to be used for the research.

4. Proposed Schedule (250 words max) – Specify research project start and end dates. Provide details on any key milestones for the project. This schedule should outline relevant activities such as field work, data analysis, and reporting.

5. Deliverable(s) (250 words max) – Briefly outline the final deliverable of this project. This could be a research paper, report, multi-media digital product, exhibit plan, virtual exhibit, or performance piece.

6. Budget (500 words max) – Provide a detailed project budget and identify any other source(s) of support (financial or in-kind) and amount(s) received and/or applied for. The budget should detail the proposed use of funds provided by the Nova Scotia Museum Research Grant.

7. Additional Materials:

  1. The Curriculum Vitae of the applicant is required. If the applicant is a student, the CV of the supervisor and a letter in support of the submission are also required.
  2. Applicants must provide names of two references. In the case of students, one of these should be an academic supervisor.
  3. A list of related publications of the applicant and/or supervisor, if appropriate. Do not send copies of the publications unless requested to do so.
  4. Any other documentation to demonstrate the applicant’s credentials to carry out the research project.


All grant applications must be submitted electronically in PDF format to:

Completed application packages must be received for consideration by March 8, 2024 at 5 pm ADT. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered or returned. Successful candidates will be advised by email of the Board of Governors' decision by April 19, 2024.



Nova Scotia Museum Research Grants - Project Application Format

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