Virtual Exhibits

150 years of Remarkable Nova Scotians

Our picks were guided not by celebrity but by the impact, legacy and worthy example we felt these individuals made. With these selections, we aim to reflect Nova Scotia's history, identity and diversity. 

And yes, there are many remarkable people not presented here. We had only so many spots. We would be delighted if this exhibit sparked further conversations about the past, present and future of our province.

100 of Our Favourite Objects

Curators from each of the seven disciplines represented at the museum – Botany, Geology, Zoology, Archaeology, Ethnology, History and Marine History – selected some of their favourite Nova Scotia made/used/found objects and specimens, reflecting the richness and variety of our collections. Our photographers then set to work capturing the complexity and beauty of these objects. Their high quality images provide up-close and detailed views so that the objects can tell their own stories. Enhanced by insights from our curators, we hope these images will inspire you to see and think about these objects in new ways.