Commemoration Grant Program

New - Commemoration Grant Program - CLOSED

Commemoration Grant Program is now closed. Thank you for your submissions.

In recognition of the historical events to be commemorated in 2017, the Nova Scotia Museum is pleased to announce a commemoration grant program. 

Two grants of $5000 will be awarded to projects that increase our understanding of historical events to be commemorated in 2017, and contribute to our public interpretation and exhibits about these events. 

To be eligible, research projects must be Nova Scotia Museum collections-based and/or increase our knowledge of Nova Scotia’s roll in the event to be commemorated in 2017. 


To be considered, the application must include all information and materials specified in the Project Criteria and the Project Submission Format. Only individual researchers are eligible to apply for Nova Scotia Museum Commemoration Grants. 

Proposed projects can be in any NSM Curatorial discipline area (archaeology, botany, cultural history, ethnology, industrial history, marine history, geology/palaeontology or zoology), but must clearly demonstrate their link to a 2017 commemorative event. Only events that are strongly tied to the heritage of Nova Scotia will be considered. 

Successful proposals will be announced by Thursday, June 30th, 2016. 

The Board of Governors of the Nova Scotia Museum reserves the right not to make an award if, in the opinion of the Awards Committee, no suitable proposal is received.

Nova Scotia Museum Research Grants Program 2016 - CLOSED

The Nova Scotia Museum Research Grant Program, administered by the museum's board of governors, annually contributes funding toward research projects that improve Nova Scotians' understanding of heritage or offer a different interpretation of our province's cultural history. Results from the research can generate artifacts and specimens for the provincial collections.


Marine History 

Original research relating to the marine history of Nova Scotia, including shipbuilding, ship-owning, naval and merchant shipping, fishing, seafarers and seafaring, community activities relating to the sea, and the design, construction and use of vessels.

Cultural History 

A research project that examines a theme, idea or value system associated with one or more of the Nova Scotia Museum’s cultural history sites or one or more of Nova Scotia’s communities 
(geographic, linguistic, ethnic or occupational). You may span time periods and geographical locations and/or compare cultural or social groups. This project should result in an improved understanding of, and ability to interpret, Nova Scotia’s cultural history. 

Natural History 

An original research project designed to expand our knowledge of the natural history of Nova Scotia, including Botany, Geology, Biodiversity, Ecology, Systematics, Taxonomy, Palaeo-ecology or Zoology. Proposals are encouraged on timely and relevant topics and projects that yield specimens for the Nova Scotia Museum natural history collection. 


A research project that improves our knowledge and understanding of Nova Scotia archaeology. Topics of particular interest include research on threatened sites, inadequately researched 
archaeological collections, and projects undertaken in association with local communities. 


A research project concerning significant Nova Scotia fossil occurrences, specimens, species, Palaeoecology, or stratigraphic Palaeontology.


To be considered, the application must include all information and materials specified in the Terms of Reference and the Project Submission Format. Each proposal will only be considered under one category, as specified when submitted. Only individual researchers are eligible to apply for Nova Scotia Museum Research Grants. 

Successful proposals will be announced by Monday, May 20, 2016.