Terms of Reference

General Terms of Reference

Grants may be awarded by the Nova Scotia Museum (NSM) Board of Governors to individuals conducting research in Nova Scotia. These grants will be known as the Nova Scotia Museum Research Grants.

Completed application forms including a project description must be received for consideration by February 28, 2020, 5pm. Applications received after this date will not be processed or returned. Successful candidates will be advised, by mail or email according to preference of applicant, of the Board of Governors' decision by May 22, 2020. Applicants must provide names of two references. In the case of students, one of these should be an academic supervisor.

Selection will be made by the Board of Governors on the recommendation of a committee consisting of one or more members of the Board of Governors and Nova Scotia Museum staff and/or other professionals (both staff and from the community) representing the specializations being considered for award.

Eligible costs to which the grant may apply include travel, field expenses, report preparation, photography, rental of equipment, and other costs directly associated with the project, including a stipend for the proponent where deemed appropriate.

The grant will be valued at not more than $4,000.00 (Canadian).

The grant may be combined with other funding sources supporting the project.

The grant will not be awarded to an applicant if their proposed project is deemed unachievable by the Awards Committee.

Individuals receiving grants should be associated with a recognized research institution or society, such as a museum, university, and an incorporated society. In cases where individuals are not so associated, they may be made research associates of the Nova Scotia Museum.

In the event that projects are judged to be of equal value, the project which involves the greater use of Nova Scotian people and resources will be favoured.

Should suitable proposals not be received in any given year, the Board of Governors reserves the right not to award any grants in that year.

The following conditions will apply to research supported by these grants:

  1. All, or most, of the research must be carried out in Nova Scotia or involve specimens or artifacts of Nova Scotia origin.
  2. Studies which are collections-based and/or increase knowledge of the cultural and natural environment in Nova Scotia will be considered.
  3. The Board of Governors encourages proposals that support the use of multi-media.

Individuals receiving these grants will:

  1. Give the Nova Scotia Museum right of first refusal to any collections generated during the course of the grant research, unless otherwise negotiated.
  2. Acknowledge support by noting the name of the grant in full (see Section 1) in all publications or press releases resulting from grant supported research.
  3. Provide an interim or final report of research carried out and any significant findings within one year of receiving grant funds.
  4. Provide the following to the Board of Governors: a single reprint of any technical or popular papers, books, or monographs reporting research supported by the grant and, in the case of students, a single copy of the final thesis, which will be deposited in the NSM Library.

The successful applicant will receive 70% of the award at the beginning of the project, with the balance withheld pending receipt of a satisfactory final report by the Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Heritage Division.

Any person who has received a grant may not apply for a new grant until they have provided an acceptable interim or final report.

The Nova Scotia Museum reserves the right to publicize the awarding of grants and the results of research.

Note:   The Research Grants are considered by Canada Revenue Agency to be taxable income for the individual recipient. For up-to-date taxation information contact Canada Revenue Agency.

Project Submission Format

Please read the Project Submission Format carefully and include all requested components in the application. Be sure to include four copies of the application or an electronic pdf copy. Incomplete or late submissions will not be processed or returned.


Cover Page - Include all of the following information:

  1. Project title.
  2. Research grant topic to which you are applying. Each application can only be submitted to one topic.
  3. Amount of money being requested from the Nova Scotia Museum.
  4. Name of the applicant. (The grant for each project will be awarded to only one individual).
  5. Date of submission.
  6. Home address (in order to process cheques for the successful applicant).
  7. Daytime telephone number. (Successful applicants will be contacted for their Social Insurance Numbers)


Table of Contents

Summary - A short summary of the project proposal that outlines the scope and objectives of the project, and its relationship to other work. An emphasis should be placed on the new knowledge or benefits that may result. Other sponsors of the project, if any, must be indicated.


Body of the Proposal (Please begin each item on separate page)

  1. Introduction - a precise statement of the research objective and/or the question to be investigated. This should include a review of the existing state of knowledge and references to existing literature.
  2. Methodology - an outline of the methodology to be used in the course of the work.
  3. Work Schedule - a clear statement of goals and associated target dates, including where appropriate field work, analysis, and reporting.
  4. Budget - a detailed cost breakdown and list of other financial contributors. Please show complete project budget, identify other sources of support and amounts contributed, and indicate the proposed use of funds provided by the Nova Scotia Museum Research Grant.
  5. Interpretive potential – outline how your project can be used as an interpretive product for the Nova Scotia Museum or a specific Nova Scotia Museum site (Reference the Interpretive Master Plan where applicable).


Background Materials

  1. The Curriculum Vitae of the proponent is required. If the applicant is a student, the CV of the supervisor and a letter in support of the submission is also required.
  2. Applicants must provide names of two references. In the case of students, one of these should be an academic supervisor.
  3. A list of publications of the proponent and/or supervisor, if appropriate. Do not send copies of the publications unless requested to do so.
  4. Any other documentation to demonstrate the proponent's capability to carry out the research project.

Submit electronically (PDF only) to museumgrants@novascotia.ca

Please return a signed copy of the Terms of Reference and keep one for your records.

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