Interpretive Master Plan

Nova Scotia features a rich natural and cultural heritage that is important to its residents and fascinating to visitors from all over the world. Recently, the Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage undertook substantial strides to ensure that all Nova Scotians, today and in the future, will know, appreciate and experience this remarkably diverse heritage. Set forth in A Treasured Past, A Precious Future: A Heritage Strategy for Nova Scotia 2008-2013, this overarching vision has initiated an impetus for renewal in the province. The Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage supported the development of the cornerstone of this renewal: the creation of an Interpretive Master Plan for Nova Scotia – a tool that can be used to direct and shape the face of interpretation in the province for many years to come.

The Nova Scotia Interpretive Master Plan (IMP) represents the work undertaken by the Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage through the Heritage Division to identify significant stories and values inherent in the province’s cultural and natural heritage. With a thorough understanding of the province’s current interpretive landscape and audiences, the Master Plan sets out a series of best practices, goals and objectives, as well as strategies and recommendations that will direct interpretive renewal and increase public recognition of the value and relevance of the province’s heritage. Furthermore, it positions these heritage resources to be managed and communicated in a manner that is relevant to all Nova Scotians, while supporting the mandates of diverse government departments and agencies.


Download the full Interpretive Master Plan (PDF 9.46MB)

Interpretive Product Plan

Interpretive Product Plan (DOCX)