The “Toolbox for Museum School Programs”

This toolbox was designed as a single document to support the development and delivery of museum school programs. The full document, along with background information can be found here.

Use the whole toolbox or any of its parts.

This toolbox has seven modules and nine appendices. Each module and appendix is available here to be downloaded individually.

To help guide your experience, each of the modules are addressed to either the program developer or the program presenter, allowing you to focus on modules most relevant to your current situation. For many museums, the developers and presenters are often the same person.

  • Program Developer: focuses on the “behind-the-scenes” process of developing a school program.
  • Program Presenter: focuses on the “frontlines” process of delivering a school program.

Make your own toolbox.

Each module contains training exercises. Upon completion of each training exercise, you earn a badge for your personal toolbox (see Appendix A). Upon completion of all training exercises, you should have a full toolbox and feel prepared to create and present school programs using the “tools” you have earned. Some museums may decide that awarding of badges is a self-monitored activity, while other museums may wish to have badges awarded by a staff person over-seeing the training (for example, lead interpreter or site manager).

Modules and Appendices Available for Download:

Appendix G: Glossary (PDF 304 KB)