Collection Management Policy

The Nova Scotia Museum (NSM) is a corporate body that operates a provincially owned, decentralized museum system. It provides Nova Scotians and visitors to the province with opportunities to experience and learn about the natural and cultural heritage of Nova Scotia.

Material evidence of the province’s cultural history and natural history is the primary resource used by the NSM. The NSM acquires and preserves artifacts and specimens for study, reference, and presentation to the public, together with information about them. The collection is displayed and stored in purpose-built and historic buildings in communities throughout the province. (It should be noted that historic buildings and structures are not considered part of the collection.) The NSM is responsible for preserving the collection and making it accessible to present and future generations.

This policy provides standards and consistency for the selection, acquisition, preservation, use, and documentation of artifacts and specimens in the collection, and for disposal if necessary. It recognizes the decentralized nature of the collection and of collection management responsibilities, and it considers past and present practice, professional and museological standards, collection management issues, and planning for the future. This policy provides the framework for guidelines and procedures. These are contained in the Collections Management Policy, Procedures and Guidelines Manual related to this policy, and must be used in conjunction with other Nova Scotia Museum policies.


Collection Management Policy for the Nova Scotia Museum
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Collections Procedures Manual
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