September 2021

September 24, 2021

Updates from the field

Our team is still on site at archaeology dig at Fort Saint Louis National Historic Site, a seventeenth-century fur trade post situated in an Mi'kmaq coastal landscape.

Archaeology action shot! Wesley lifts our most complete clay tile this year and stows it safely in its own container. Next it will head to the lab to be cleaned and repacked. We re-use pill bottles for smaller, delicate finds too.

September 21, 2021


September 16, 2021

Photo 1: Katie Cottreau-Robins extracting a sample of charcoal from a deep corner of the unit. Charcoal can be sent for carbon-14 dating and give additional insight into the occupation period.

Photo 2: Volunteers Chris and Marian working away on two areas of Operation J. 

September 13, 2021

A quick update, the team was rained out today. They hope to start finding artifacts this week. 

Photo 1: SMU grad student Wesley flying his drone for some overhead images of our various excavation units