Archaeology at Fort Saint-Louis - Part 5

July 11, 2018

Archaeology at Fort Saint-Louis - Part 5

Archaeology at Fort Saint-Louis - Part 5

We are in a bit of a tropical paradise here in Port La Tour. Often the fog sits far off the site as you can see in this picture.


Visitors are regular. This morning folks from Liverpool came by to see an archaeological excavation and learn of our findings so far.


Nova Scotia Museum Director, Stephanie Smith, and staff from the Office of Aboriginal Affairs joined us today for digging. For new excavators, they made real progress.


Sean Weseloh McKeane, Coordinator of the Special Places Program for Communities, Culture and Heritage and David Mitchell of the Office of Aboriginal Affairs, worked in the site midden feature today. As you can see it is getting quite deep.


The midden feature produces many artifacts. Its where folks dumped their garbage so everything is broken and a bit mixed. You can see artifacts in the wall here.


We expanded the midden area this year. Middens are a time capsule of site activity. We are now 69 cm down and there is much more to excavate.