March Break 2022

February 28, 2022

March Break 2022

March Break 2022

March 14 to 18, 2022

We are happy to welcome you back to the Nova Scotia Museum.  We continue working to create a safe experience for you and our staff. Please note that public health guidelines will continue to be followed at our sites, wearing a non-medical mask is mandatory in our indoor spaces. Check out our “Know before you go” guides on each museum website to help prepare you for your visit.

Museum of Natural History

Halifax, Nova Scotia

What’s bigger, you or a blue whale’s rib bone? Can you tell the difference between a drone bee and a worker bee? How old do you think Gus the tortoise is? Discover the answer to these questions and more as you explore the wonders of Nova Scotia’s land and sea at the Museum of Natural History. 

Age of the Mastodon

Over 80,000 years ago, the landscape of Nova Scotia shook from the heavy footsteps of giants. Mastodons were one of the largest of ice age mammals and for many years, Nova Scotia was ideal mastodon habitat. As we face climate change today, what lessons can we learn from the age of the mastodons? Visit the Age of the Mastodon this March Break.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Located in the heart of Halifax’s historic waterfront, there’s no better place to immerse yourself in Nova Scotia’s rich maritime heritage than the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

From small craft boatbuilding to World War Convoys, the Days of Sail to the Age of Steam, the Titanic to the Halifax Explosion, you’ll discover the stories, events and people that have come to define this province and its relationship with the sea.

Come, Sea & Do

Join us this March Break (March 12-20, 2022) at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and discover Nova Scotia’s maritime heritage, both onsite and online!

If you are visiting us at the museum, please prepare and review our Know Before You Go guide before your visit. To create a safe experience for everyone, we are offering a more relaxed March Break program for families and general visitors. We are providing activities for our museum fans both at the museum and online to make your March Break memorable!

Museum of Industry

Stellarton, Nova Scotia

One of Canada’s few comprehensive industrial museums, the Nova Scotia Museum of Industry tells the story of work and workers. Here you will find technology, steam engines and locomotives, cars and coal mining. Children will love the hands-on fun, the trains, and the demos.

Find the true meaning of “made in Nova Scotia” at the Museum of Industry.

The Checkered Flag

Get in gear at the Museum of Industry this March break. Kids can see some real drag racers and custom-built cars, plus our vintage Nova Scotia – built cars in our exhibit galleries. Test your driving skills by taking a ride-on Plasma Car for a spin around our racetrack. Design your own car with modelling clay, and compete for finish line on the toy-car racing ramp. There will be lots more to see and do, so race as fast as you can to The Checkered Flag!

Black Loyalist Heritage Centre

Birchtown, Nova Scotia

The Black Loyalist Heritage Centre tells the story of the world’s largest free African population outside of Africa, in the late 18th century in Nova Scotia.

Enjoy the view of Birchtown Bay when you climb up the Shaw Turret, which commemorates all Black Loyalist communities in Nova Scotia. Enter the Centre’s Lindsay Gallery and immerse yourself in the multimedia presentation of the Black Loyalist journey from Africa to the American colonies, then to Nova Scotia and back to Africa. Explore the virtual copy of the Carlton’s Book of Negroes and search for an ancestor who may have experienced part of this incredible journey.

Firefighters’ Museum of Nova Scotia

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Visit the Firefighters’ Museum in Yarmouth to discover the history of firefighting in this province.

Imagine the clang of the fire bell, the smell of smoke and the feel of hot steam as firefighters of the past raced to save burning homes in communities across Nova Scotia.

See the types of fire engines used from the 1800s to the 1930s. Marvel at antique hand-drawn and operated engines such as Canada’s oldest horse-drawn steam engine, an 1863 Amoskeag Steamer. Take the wheel of a 1933 Chev Bickle pumper and see collections of antique toy fire engines, shoulder crests, patches and badges from fire departments around the world.

Ross Farm Museum

New Ross, Nova Scotia

Come to Ross Farm Museum to explore 60 acres of rolling farmland and discover what life was like on a Nova Scotia family farm over 100 years ago.

An authentic, living heritage site, much of the farm remains the same as it was in the 1800s. From historic Rose Bank Cottage where the Ross family lived, to daily activities such as wool spinning, candle making, and ox shoeing, the museum gives visitors the chance to experience yesterday’s traditional farming methods, while learning sustainable ways of living for today.