David Honeyman Timeline

October 17, 2018

David Honeyman Timeline

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19th Century Science and Culture

As we begin the journey of #FindingHoneyman, we start with a timeline of David Honeyman - the first Curator of the Nova Scotia Museum. This timeline provides an opportunity to discover links between between life events and historical contexts.

  • Imagine reading the first edition of Dawson's Acadian Geology (1855), your life forever changed with the curiosity to learn more about geology of Nova Scotia.
  • Imagine the excitement and challenges of organizing the Nova Scotia exhibits at the International Exhibitions in London (1862) and Paris (1867).
  • Did you know that David Honeyman was the first Professor of Geology of Dalhousie University?

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As we continue #FindingHoneyman, we will be adding new material to the online Timeline.

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