Archaeology Collection - Slipware Bowl and Mug

What’s In Your Backyard?

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Nothing did more to change the character of backyards than the advent of municipal garbage collection – except maybe indoor plumbing. During the 19th century, unwanted household items were thrown into backyard trash pits, wells and privies like those found at the construction site of a parkade in downtown Halifax. More than 2000 artifacts, including this bowl and “Porter Mug”, were recovered from this former backyard. The wavy “earthworm” or “common cable” design you see on both pieces was created with a potter’s device known as a three-chambered slip pot.

Object type: 
Historic artifact
Object #: 
BdCv-34:1365-Bowl; BdCv-34:1364-Mug
Collection name: 
Date (age/made): 
Ceramic, Pearlware
Bowl - Diameter 160 mm, Height 92 mm; Mug – Diameter 95 mm, Height 98 mm