Ethnology Collection - Carved Wooden Bowl

Woodworking with a Twist

The method of choice for a Mi’kmaw artisan working with wood was usually to carve an object with a crooked knife. But Louis Jeremy, born in Brickton, Nova Scotia in 1879, had other ideas. This rare wooden bowl combines expert wood turning with intricate wood carving. Look at the care and skill that went into creating the oak leaves, acorns and squirrel. As is the case with so many Mi’kmaw artisans, Jeremy’s respect and appreciation for all living things can be seen in his work. Louis Jeremy was a prolific woodworker, crafting a wide range of objects – bowls, small boxes, deer and moose calls, baskets, furniture and other decorative pieces.

Object type: 
Wooden Bowl
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Date (age/made): 
20th Century
Tupperville, Nova Scotia
Wood with unknown finish
14 cm x 10 cm