April 2, 2024
closeup of the fork-mosses


By Dr. Sean R. Haughian, Curator of Botany

In the bustling concrete jungles of our cities, green spaces are like precious oases, offering a breath of fresh air amid the urban sprawl. But did you know that there's a humble yet mighty hero often overlooked in these green endeavors? Mosses – those tiny, often unnoticed plants – hold incredible potential for transforming our cities into greener, more sustainable environments.

October 20, 2016
Norway Maple leaves with typical "tar spot"

 By Marian Munro

Dozens of folks over the years have asked about the black spots on the maple trees around the city of Halifax-Dartmouth. These sooty black marks are rarely seen on only one tree. Usually all maples nearby will enjoy these additional adornment. Their presence indicates an infection by a fungus in the genus Rhytisma. Healthy trees can withstand these attacks, although heavy infestations can cause the tree to lose leaves early.