History Collection

Roger Marsters

Curator of History

The history collection contains treasures spanning from the late 1700s up to and well into the 1900s. It encompasses a wide range of objects including textiles, ceramics, photographs, furniture (locally made), furnishings (architectural details, stoves, fireplace surrounds, NS silver, glass, toys, lighting) and even illustrated books.

Much of the history collection is represented at NSM sites all across the province, such as at the historic house museums, living history museums and villages and historic mills. The remarkable variety of objects range from outstanding original artifacts such as furnishings and paintings at the 200 year old Uniacke Estate Museum Park, the collection of plows (one of the best in North America) and agricultural equipment at Ross Farm Museum to historic firefighting equipment at the Fire Fighter’s Museum in Yarmouth. This is just a small sampling of what the history collection encompasses.

“…museums are places where Time is transformed into Space.”

Orhan Pamuk