Museum East

As part of the Nova Scotia Museum’s 150th anniversary, we are hosting a brand-new Museum Conference called Museum East. This conference will close out the year-long NSM 150 celebration by exploring where museums are heading in the future, and will cover topics including: technology, social media, collections, programing and more. 

Museum East runs from October 11 – 13 and will include talks, panels, key notes as well as social events, museum visits and Halifax’s Nocturne Arts Festival. This free conference will allow an opportunity to interact with other Museum professionals while thinking about the future of museums in a rapidly changing world.    

Also join us for a pre-conference Museum Camp with Mar Dixon.


Keynote Speakers

Mar Dixon - Independent Consultant

Follow Mar on Twitter - @mardixon


Ryan Dodge - Social Media Coordinator, the Royal Ontario Museum

Follow Ryan on twitter @wrdodger


Program and schedule



Museum Camp with Mar Dixon

Museum East hosted by the Nova Scotia Museum



Halifax looks forward to welcoming delegates of Museum East. Make plans to Discover Halifax in October.