Become a Museum Maker

Looking back, looking forward

As we honour the work of our past museum makers, we’re also looking to the future.  What objects should we collect? Why? Museum making is all about making choices – choices that are informed by what is happening today. 

What matters to you?

We’re challenging ourselves — and you — to think about what matters most to Nova Scotians in 2018.  What are you talking about at the coffee shop, on social media, at the dinner table? Which objects best represent these issues? In what ways? What Nova Scotian stories should we share with the world? 

Become a Museum Maker

To mark our birthday, we want your help in choosing about a dozen items from Nova Scotia in 2018 to add to our collection. What should we add?  

Share your ideas at one of our museums using our Museum Making: An Invitation Tag Board.

Share your ideas (and photos) by tagging us on social media and using #NSM150

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Watch for our October announcement when we reveal these objects, which will be saved in a “time capsule” for 2068 – our 200th birthday.