March Break at the Nova Scotia Museum

Museum of Natural History

Halifax, Nova Scotia

March Break at the Museum of Natural History, a Halifax tradition.
Sat. March 11 to Sun. March 19 

Don't miss Here Be Dragons the new hit exhibit filled with dragon lore, hands on fun and real live dragons. These great animals will be joined by even more live lizards for March Break. Little Ray's Reptile Zoo will add a number of live animals and you will have a chance to meet Little Ray himself as he introduces you to a wide range of lizards including a 110 lbs water monitor! This is the second largest lizard in Canada making its first visit east. 

The Museum will also add daily programs, additional events and have lots to see and do this March Break. 

Don't miss your chance to be part of a Halifax tradition. 

Here Be Dragons 
Until April 9, 2017

Here Be Dragons celebrates human-dragon cultural connections with live animals and hands-on interactive exhibits.

Map-makers mark the unknown with a giant serpent and the words, "Here Be Dragons". The unknown becomes the known in this exhibition - because the Dragons are now here...

Here Be Dragons explores the myth of dragons through culture, literature, folklore, religion, paleontology, history, science, and live animals.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Arctic Quest: March Break 

Sat. March 11 to Sun. March 19

Daily programs between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm (Sundays between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.)

Have you ever wanted to explore the Arctic? Join us in our quest to learn more about this fascinating region of Canada. Sail the ship Baffin through the North-West Passage in search of fun, art and active games! 
If your ship becomes jammed in the ice, prepare to offload your supplies and trudge through the snow. Create your own pair of snow googles or design a landscape portrait of the Northern skies. Traditional Innuit games (featured at the Arctic Winter Games) will test your strength and stamina. Interactive stations will challenge your creativity, strength and survival skills.
As you trek through our galleries, be sure to view the Franklin Expedition display (in conjunction with Parks Canada and the Royal Ontario Museum), catch a film or two in our warehouse theatre and observe Curator Cristo’s Curio Cabinet for rare and exotic specimens that came from North of Nova Scotia. 

Ross Farm Museum

New Ross, Nova Scotia

March Break at Ross Farm

Sat. March 11 to Sun. March 19

Come out for March Break on the farm. Each day will have a theme relating to the farm. As always there will be lots of hands on activities for everyone to enjoy and crafts that everyone can participate in throughout the day. Hot chocolate will be served. Weather permitting, there will be sleigh rides.
  • Saturday 11th - Tasty Treats 
  • Sunday 12th - Traditional Skills
  • Monday 13th - Spring Time on the Farm 
  • Tuesday 14th - For the Birds
  • Wednesday 15th - New Babies
  • Thursday 16th - Tasty Treats
  • Friday 17th - St Patrick’s Day
  • Saturday 18th - Fun on the Farm
  • Sunday 19th - Easter

Museum of Industry

Stellarton, Nova Scotia

Pirates, Parrots & Plunder - March Break

Ahoy mateys! Our crew searched the seven seas for the best buccaneer’s fun and adventure. Climb aboard our pirate ship to search for buried treasure. Test your skills as a true pirate. Can you raise the sails? Hit your target when you fire the cannon? Or maybe your misdeeds will mean you will be walking the plank!
Join Captains “Jack Sparrow” & “William Turner” from the Pirates of Halifax on March 11 & 15, 1 to 4 pm for some swashbuckling fun. Can you imagine a pirate without a parrot? Bugsy & Caruso, blue and gold macaws, will be chatting with our visitors all week. Join owner Diane Cooke for a close-up conversation with her red macaw Zora on March 11 & March 19, 10 to 3 pm. 
Pirate fun for kids this March Break at the Museum of Industry, Stellarton 

Firefighters' Museum of Nova Scotia

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Heritage Hunts! March 13 - 17

Imagine the clang of the fire bell, the smell of smoke and the feel of hot steam as firefighters of the past raced to save burning homes in Yarmouth and communities across Nova Scotia.

Visit the Firefighters’ Museum during March Break and test your sleuthing skills by trying one (or all!) of our Heritage Hunts!

See types of fire engines used in Nova Scotia from the 1800s to the 1930s. Marvel at antique hand-drawn and operated engines such as Canada’s oldest horse-drawn steam engine, an 1863 Amoskeag Steamer. Take the wheel of a 1933 Chev Bickle pumper as you discover the history of firefighting in this province.

Black Loyalist Heritage Centre

Birchtown, Nova Scotia 

Wed. March 15 from 10:30am to 12pm
Thurs. March 16 from 1pm to 3pm

The Black Loyalist Heritage Centre tells the story of the world’s largest free African population outside of Africa, in the late 18th century in Nova Scotia.

Looking for something to do on your March break? Come out to the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre on Wednesday, March 15 from 10:30am to 12pm. Games, crafts and treats for children in grades primary to grade 6. Children must be accompanied an adult. FREE ADMISSION.

Thursday, March 16 from 1pm to 3pm we are offering an afternoon of fun and games for children in grades 7 to 12. FREE ADMISSION. Tours of the interpretive centre will be available for adults.