New NSM 150 objects

You were invited to… suggest

This summer, visitors at all 28 Nova Scotia Museum sites shared what objects they felt represent 2018 in Nova Scotia. Nearly 5000 suggestions were received!

Every suggestion will be saved for 2068 – the 200th birthday of the Museum.

Many suggestions were for objects already in our collection… lobsters, Nova Scotia tartan, a Peace by Chocolates box. We will be sharing stories about these popular artifacts on our museum blog and social media.

There were also lots of new objects suggested. An accessions committee (group of museum staff from across the province) used the list to decide what should become part of the provincial museum collection, hoping that when people look at these objects in 2068 they will say “Yes, that is what Nova Scotians were talking about in 2018.”

The 18 stories from 2018 are:

  • Agave Plant blooms in Halifax Public Gardens
  • Mi’kmaw, Gaelic, and Acadian Licence Plates
  • Viola Desmond $10 Bill
  • Bottle of Nova Scotia Wine
  • International Sale of Nova Scotia Lobster
  • “Black Panther for Black Youth” fundraiser and movie screening
  • Contemporary Mi’kmaq Art (Basketry)
  • Visitor Safety at Peggys Cove
  • Plastic and Reusable Drinking Straws
  • Legalization of Cannabis
  • Electoral Boundaries Review
  • Environmental Protests for Water Protect
  • #MeToo and Supporting Survivors of Sexualized Violence
  • Pride Flag and Trans Flag Raisings
  • Model Boat from Boat Building Workshop at Pictou Landing
  • Weather, as shared on social media by Frankie MacDonald
  • Shark Tagging
  • “Fortnite” video game