Geology Collection - Teraterpeton hrynewichorum – Reptile Skull

One of a Kind

Imagine what it must feel like to find a fossil of a previously unknown reptile. This exceptionally well-preserved fossil skull was discovered by George Hrynewich and his son, Sandy, at Burntcoat Head on the Bay of Fundy in 1999. It is approximately 220 million years old, from the Late Triassic Period, and had never been seen before. In the museum world, the skull is known as a “holotype” – a single specimen (or illustration) used when a species or subspecies is formally described. Of course, the species name for this reptile, “hrynewichorum,” honours George and Sandy and their incredible discovery.

Object type: 
Fossil specimen
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Date (age/made): 
Middle to Early Late Triassic Period, approximately 228-235 million years old
Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia
The skull is 20 cm long