Archaeology at Fort Saint-Louis - Part 2

July 5, 2018

Archaeology at Fort Saint-Louis - Part 2

Fort Saint Louis dig site

Similar to the rest of the province, it was hot and humid at the Fort Saint Louis dig site. We set up canopies and umbrellas for the excavators. Shade and water were a must!


Nova Scotia Museum's Curator of the History Collection, Martin Hubley has been working at the dig since it began this week. He is in the area of the site where a midden was found last year.


The team in this unit has come upon a stone wall. Its a new section of the wall we found last year.


The crew came up with a variety of ways to get shade while digging!


The field crew is making progress on the excavation units.


Archaeologist Wesley Weatherbee assists excavator in Operation J with a delicate discovery.