Say What? Say Soy....and Beans!

May 24, 2019
Ross Farm Museum, New Ross

Come join Professor Deborah Stiles, a sustenance farmer/gardener, and prof at the Faculty of Agriculture, at Ross Farm Museum on May 24th at 11 am.  Hand thresh some soybeans and learn about Three Sisters agriculture, healthy and historical eating involving the humble bean, and a host of things soy and bean related, including the ways in which legumes build the soil.

This interactive talk will feature soybeans (non-GMO) harvested last fall. Participants will take home a small sample to plant if they wish. There may also be a "vegan-friendly" soybean pate with homemade crackers to try(and recipes to take home)!

This discussion will also link "The Planting Season" with the "bigger picture" - the overall context of our local environment and ecology, from the more distant past to today. 

Admission Cost: Free

Time: 11:00 am

For additional information:
Joan Lenihan