Adventures in Digging Nova Scotia Dinosaurs

February 27, 2019
Museum of Natural History, Halifax

Dr. Tim Fedak - Curator of Geology, Nova Scotia Museum Digging Nova Scotia Dinosaurs

7:00pm in the Museum of Natural History, Auditorium

During this presentation, Dr. Fedak will share information and stories about working on “Canada’s oldest dinosaurs” found right here in Nova Scotia.

The first dinosaur bones found in Nova Scotia were collected by Paul Olsen in 1976, near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. New dinosaur bones were found at the site in the 1980s and again 1994. Tim Fedak then discovered new dinosaur specimens in 1998 and major dinosaur digs were carried out in 2000, 2004, 2007 and 2013. The most recent dinosaur dig was featured in the History Channel series “DinoHunt Canada”.